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ML'S characters. Empty ML'S characters.

Post by ML on Sat Aug 13, 2011 10:21 pm

Taylor Riley

Name:Taylor Riley
Age/Birthday:16, March 10th.
Country of Origin:U.S of A
Years at Camp:2
Mortal Family:Sarah Riley-Mom, Jace Riley-brother, Hayden Riley-Brother, Alex Riley-Brother.
God Parent:Zeus
Skills/Talents (min 2):Soccer, Running, Softball/Baseball.
Powers - Must Relate to God Parent (min 2):

-She can make it rain, 10 times a day lasting up to a half-hour. She can control how heavy the rain is.

-She can control lightning, 30 times a day. It takes 4 to knock someone out and 7 to kill someone.

-She can make gusts of wind up to 50 miles per hour, 5 times a day and the strong the wind the more it drains her.

-She can fly, 10 times a day and the longer she flys the longer she has to sleep and she can take one person with her.
Flaws (min 2):She trusts people to much, She has a hard time controlling her powers.
Weapons:A celstial bronze sword, with a lightning pattern on it.
Physical Appearance (min 5 sentences):Taylor has long brown-ish colored hair, but she often dies it alot. Her eyes are normally a stormy blue color, but they do change depending on her mood. Taylor is very fit and athletic, and slightly muscular. She is around 5'6'' and shes is very tan. Normally she wears athletic clothing or Hollister, Abercrombe and Fitch, Aeropastle, American Eagle, Weat Seal, Rue 21 and Old Navy clothing.
Personality (min 5 sentences):Taylor can be rather friendly and nice at times. Then at times she can have a slight temper, if she sees something she hates or cant stand. She also seems to be a bit flirty at times. Taylor also can be rather sensitive about certian things that happen. Also Taylor is very loyal.
History (min 5 sentences):Taylor was born in some small town in Tennesse. From a young age, Taylor was very intrested in soccer, so she started to practice ALOT. Eventully her life became almost completly about soccer, and nothing else. Finally one day, her mom decided that she should come to camp. So her mother had her pack her stuff, and she then sent Taylor off to camp.
Other Notes About Character:


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ML'S characters. Empty Re: ML'S characters.

Post by Hawk on Sun Aug 14, 2011 11:34 am


Lucius Marks: Kronos, 16 (Brown) Titan Temple
Khait: Geb, 19 (Red) (CL)
Zared: Centaur, 17 (Cyan)
Jovan Smith: Dionysus, 14 (Green) (CL)
Nico di Angelo: Hades, 14 (Olive) (CL)
Jonas Haens: Nyx, 15 (Indigo) Titan Temple
Devlin O'Brien: Hephaestus-Apollo, 15 (Orange)
Chandler Hold: Nyx, 17 (Blue) (CL)
Mitchel Harlan: Ares, 16 (Yellow) (CL)
Adele Hammond: Aphrodite, 25 (Violet) (CL)
Louis Connors: Satyr, 15 (White)
Tobias Clark: Asclepius, 14 (Dark Blue) (CL)
Falcon King: Apollo, 13 (Dark Red) Courtyard
Daxon Johns: Zeus, 16 (Bold Green) New York

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Character sheet
Character Sheet:

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ML'S characters. Empty Re: ML'S characters.

Post by ML on Mon May 21, 2012 3:01 pm

Brett Noah Henderson

Full Name: Brett Noah Henderson
Nick Names (Optional): none
Gender: male
Age/Birthday: Fifteen, May 1st 1997.
[color=yellow]Birth Place:[/colo
[color=yellow]Years at Camp:

[color=yellow]Mortal Family:
[color=yellow]Immortal Family:
[color=yellow]Demi-god Family:


[color=yellow]Powers (Optional):

[color=yellow]History Before Camp:
[color=yellow]History Since Camp:


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ML'S characters. Empty Re: ML'S characters.

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