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Post by Andromeda on Fri Jan 06, 2012 10:31 pm

Eva Callen

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Eva Callen (Ay-vuh Kay-len)



15. August 19.

Country of Origin:

Years at Camp:
2 Years

Mortal Family:
Alex Callen (Half-brother, mortal, 25 yrs old)

God Parent:
Aten (Light)

Skills/Talents (min 2):
She's very agile, flexible and quick. Being very petite, she can outrun some of the best and evade capture.

Powers - Must Relate to God Parent (min 2):
Eva can absorb light, which in turn creates darkness. With the light she absorbs, she is able to use. For instance, she can use the light she absorbs to make herself glow, or project out of her body. She cannot create light, it must come from somewhere.

Flaws (min 2):
Eva is basically blind in mortal standards. Though she is able to see, it is only with the power of light that it's possible. With the use of light and shadows, she sees like any normal human being except with less color and everything is in extreme. Without her powers as a demi god to control light, she would be completely blind.

A set of Ninja Sai Swords
Andry's Characters  =(^_^)= Black-octagon-sai

Korat cat named Amon

Physical Appearance (min 5 sentences):
Eva is short, 5 feet and 1 inch tall. She has long black hair and is of asian and egyptian decent. Though 15 years old, she is mistaken to be much younger and therefore is taken less seriously. She is very petite and small boned which she uses to her advantage in squeezes into tight spaces and hiding. Her best feature is her face because though she is very mature for her age, she can trick anyone into trusting her by looking like a small helpless child.

Personality (min 5 sentences):
Eva is very bubbly and always tries to look on the bright side of things. Being the younger sister of 25 year old martial arts expert, she is trained in martial arts and fighting. Though she never starts fights, she never backs down from one. Eva is friendly, loving, and loyal to those who deserve it. Always thinking positive, Eva tries to think well of everyone which sometimes can land her in trouble because she
has too much trust in people and humanity.

History (min 5 sentences):
Her mother and step father died five years ago in a house fire, but she and her brother Alex made it out alive. Since then, Alex has been providing and taking care of his sister. No one knew that Eva was not her father's daughter except for Eva's mother and she took that secret to the grave with her. However, two years ago she was sent a mysterious letter stating that she was someone else's daughter. In search of the person who sent her the letter, she was lead to the campsite. After begging with her brother to let her go to the camp, which she led her brother to believe was just a regular summer camp for girls, she started attending every summer and going back to a private school her brother set up for her during the rest of the year.


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Post by #Megz on Fri Jan 06, 2012 10:39 pm

Eva is accepted

Terra Salezar,15,Daughter of Hades,Complicated
Crysanthemum Bouvier,17,Daughter of Persephone,Engaged to Zidane Tribal
Carla Marie Macintosh,16, Daughter of Vulcan,Dating Damon Petrova
Coralline Theresa Conception ,17, Daughter of Rhea and granddaughter of Leto, Dating Alec Flores
Alexandra Ellanora Nekohime,14, Daughter of Bast and granddaughter of Minerva, Taken
Rosella Starre,18, Daughter of Dionysus,Single

If you want to RP,have any questions or want me to take a look at your Characters just pm me and I'll get back to you soon as I can Wink
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