CHARACTEEEER. {okay finished owo}

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CHARACTEEEER. {okay finished owo} Empty CHARACTEEEER. {okay finished owo}

Post by Sonica on Sat Apr 07, 2012 8:57 pm

CHARACTEEEER. {okay finished owo} Tumblr_m2503jRWwx1qjeuu5
"Jeez, you people are so annoying."

Full Name: Sen Kagemiya
Nick Names (Optional):
Creature: Demigod
Gender: M
Age/Birthday: 14 ;; October 31st
Birth Place: Japan(?)
Sexuality: straight
Years at Camp: new kid, so, 0. owo

Mortal Family: Unknown, but he's been living with his friends, Shuu and Melody.
Immortal Family: Bastet, Egyptian goddess of cats. owo
Demi-god Family: none?
Pets: none.
Weapons: He has a few daggers, but he doesn't use them unless its necessary.

Eyes: Brown, and they're catlike.
Hair: Curly and blonde. He wears it in a ponytail.
Height: 5'5.
Weight: 120 lbs.
Skin: White.
Accesories: None, really.
Clothes: Sen wears a black T shirt, with a black, long sleeved shirt underneath. He wears regular jeans, and beat up sneakers.

Personality: Sen Kagemiya is calm and quiet, for the most part, at least. But he pretty much finds an annoyance in everything, though he keeps it to himself. He's negative, -silently- judgmental, and has the capability of being a total jerk. He'll often take a serious situation, and make a sarcastically humorous remark about it. But thats only if you're able to get any emotion out of him. Sen doesn't like to deal with nonsense, and often ignores people. Though, if you are able to befriend the blonde, he can prove to be a very trustworthy, caring guy. He isn't very good at being comforting, but he'll do his best.. Which doesn't mean its any good. Sen is also a big thinker. If he has something on his mind, he'll be in deep thought for days. And on rare occasions, his mischievous side can show. He's a curious guy, and like a cat, he'll pull whatever strings he can to find something out.


● Shrimp
● Baseball
● Cats
● Reading
● Secrets

● Dogs
● Annoying, bothersome people.
● Stupid questions.
● Being called a girl.
● Bugs.

Fears: He's afraid of creepy crawlys, and dying.

Skills/Talents: Sen's brilliant at lying, or as he calls it, acting.

Powers (Optional): He can grow out his nails, into catlike claws.

Flaws: He's really negative, he's not very friendly, and he's a big scaredy cat.

History Before Camp: Sen lived in the Akistu house ever since he met his friends, Shuu and Melody. When they found out he had no home, they gladly took him in. Their parents didn't mind at all, either. But that was until Sen stalked getting stalked by monsters, and he was forced to go to camp.

History Since Camp: N-None? (´・ω・`)

Dating: He doesn't like people. What makes you think he'd be interested in dating anybody?

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CHARACTEEEER. {okay finished owo} Empty Re: CHARACTEEEER. {okay finished owo}

Post by #Megz on Sun Apr 08, 2012 2:03 pm

Sen Kagemiya is accepted ^^

Terra Salezar,15,Daughter of Hades,Complicated
Crysanthemum Bouvier,17,Daughter of Persephone,Engaged to Zidane Tribal
Carla Marie Macintosh,16, Daughter of Vulcan,Dating Damon Petrova
Coralline Theresa Conception ,17, Daughter of Rhea and granddaughter of Leto, Dating Alec Flores
Alexandra Ellanora Nekohime,14, Daughter of Bast and granddaughter of Minerva, Taken
Rosella Starre,18, Daughter of Dionysus,Single

If you want to RP,have any questions or want me to take a look at your Characters just pm me and I'll get back to you soon as I can Wink
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