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Post by nyx on Sat Dec 20, 2014 11:08 am

Full Name: Alannis Cori (also called Candra)
Creature: demi-god
Birth Place: Athens, Greece
Years at Camp:4

Mortal Family: Cate Cori
Immortal Family: Hades
Demi-god Family: Nicko DI Angelo
Pets: A wolf called Adria
Weapons: Stygian Iron bow and arrows, Stygian Iron scythe

Eyes: black
Hair: black
Height:1.65 meters
Weight:51 kg
Skin: pale
Accessorize: a necklace with a crescent
Clothes:tight long black pants, black t-shirt, black boots and black big jacet

Personality: she is usually indifferent, but when she likes someone she will do anything for him.
Likes: her brother, silence, night, reading, writing.
Dislikes: people, noise, machines.
Fears: to hurt her friends, to drown
Skills/Talents: Dartboard, writing, using scythe
Powers (Optional): can summon the dead to fight for her. works only once a day, and she faints after that.
Flaws: Doesn't trust people

History Before Camp: her mother died from cancer when she was 5, and she lived alone in the streets until Nicko found her three years later. he brought her to the Camp
History Since Camp: she lives in the camp all the year, spending most of her time in teaching the new kids about unusual weapons and how to fight them.


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