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My charactors twins pt 1 Empty My charactors twins pt 1

Post by Guest on Fri Oct 25, 2013 8:23 am

Full Name: Annabella Taylor Denny Hamlin
Nick Names (Optional):Anna or Bella
Birth Place:Daytona Beach floridia
Years at Camp:2

Mortal Family:Mary lu Hamlin (dead) Jordan Fish and Denny Hamlin ( adoptive family)
Immortal Family:Poseidon
Demi-god Family: Percy
Pets:Black cat named hook and a white cat named snowball
Weapons:celestial bronze sword and celestial bronze dagger

Eyes:blue green
Weight:97 lbs
Accesories:a pearl neclace and pearl earrings
Clothes:official cowgirl wear

Personality:mean and loving and kind but she has a short temper
Likes: the sea NASCAR and writing stories
Dislikes: shakespeare, macbeth,reading
Fears:breaking her thumb,dieing. and becoming rivals with Denny
Skills/Talents:swordplay, talking like a pirate, sailin
Powers (Optional):can control the water for short periods of time.It only lasts 2 mins.and she can only use it twice a day and when she is mad. has to wait 2 hours

History Before Camp:She ran away from home after her mom was murdered.She found her brother and his wife jordan and asked if she could stay with them.After taylor James Hamlin comes along the don't rememeber about her.she ends up running away again and finds out she has a twin sister.
History Since Camp:She goes back to Denny and Jordan with her twin and the start to think about becoming nascar drivers.She Learns how to do it from Denny and Richard Petty.Joe gibbs offers her a job and she declines.She wanted her twin and her to be on the same team.

Dating:Brize hamlet


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