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Jesse Vitam's Bunk Empty Jesse Vitam's Bunk

Post by EnglishAlex13 on Sat Jun 02, 2012 4:20 pm

The first bed on the right when you enter the Norse Cabing belongs to Jesse Vitam; the duvet is dark green with a patterns of leaves imprinted over it in a lighter green. To it's right, between it and the wall stands a very dark wooden end table with one draw which, if someone were ignorant enough to look in, would find: a wooden frame with a glass center inside of which can be seen a pressed flower of violet petals; a key ring with two keys attached; a very elegant and thin dagger and a few coins. On top of the table is a small white porcelain pot out of which is growing a small tree. At the base of the table there is a suitcase, zipped up and neatly stowed out of the way of feet.


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