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Aphrodite Cabin Leader Voting Empty Aphrodite Cabin Leader Voting

Post by Hawk on Mon Jan 09, 2012 7:23 pm

Here are your choices for Cabin leader.

Lucius Marks: Kronos, 16 (Brown) Titan Temple
Khait: Geb, 19 (Red) (CL)
Zared: Centaur, 17 (Cyan)
Jovan Smith: Dionysus, 14 (Green) (CL)
Nico di Angelo: Hades, 14 (Olive) (CL)
Jonas Haens: Nyx, 15 (Indigo) Titan Temple
Devlin O'Brien: Hephaestus-Apollo, 15 (Orange)
Chandler Hold: Nyx, 17 (Blue) (CL)
Mitchel Harlan: Ares, 16 (Yellow) (CL)
Adele Hammond: Aphrodite, 25 (Violet) (CL)
Louis Connors: Satyr, 15 (White)
Tobias Clark: Asclepius, 14 (Dark Blue) (CL)
Falcon King: Apollo, 13 (Dark Red) Courtyard
Daxon Johns: Zeus, 16 (Bold Green) New York

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