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Storm's Character: Raven Finch Empty Storm's Character: Raven Finch

Post by Storm on Sat Oct 08, 2011 5:56 pm

Name: Raven Finch
Creature: Demi God
Gender: Female
Age/Birthday: Raven is 15 and born on October 31st.
Country of Origin: New York, USA
Years at Camp: Two years
Mortal Family: Raven's only family is her older brother Seth, who is twenty eight, and has been raising since she was five. Which was the year her parents had past on.
God Parent: Hades
Skills/Talents (min 2): Raven is fairly good at singing, and she is a talented baker.
Powers - Must Relate to God Parent (min 2): Raven is able though not good at, using shadow travel but she may only use it twice a day if that.She can also use darkness to cover her which makes her invisible.
Flaws (min 2):
Raven is a bit anti social, and is untrusting when it comes to new people and strangers. Raven is also insecure.
Weapons: Raven has a Stygian Iron dagger.
Pets: Raven has a pet pygmy owl named Tawny
Physical Appearance (min 5 sentences): Raven has lightly tanned skin, with chocolate brown eyes. Her hair is raven black and wavy, resting at a medium length her hairstyle is more of a messy bob. Her body is fairly curvy with d cup breasts. Raven also has full pouty lips. Many like to say she is gorgeous, but most of the time she won't believe them. On her left wrist she has a tattoo of a raven, which her brother and her fought about her getting.
Personality (min 5 sentences): Raven has become a quiet and some what anti-social teenager. Though when she was younger and before her parents had past away she was happy and energetic. Though normally kind and understanding Raven does have a colder side that makes it hard for her to make friends. Though when she is around her older brother she is a happy even though slightly angst filled teenager. Raven at times, and when is needed she can be bold, speaking her mind and stating her own opinions, even if it will end up badly.
History (min 5 sentences): Raven was the second child to Isabelle, her mother's first child was a boy whom she named Seth, but he was adopted. As for Raven's step father who had adopted her he was much kinder than her mother. As a little girl her father had adore her and spent much time with her and her brother, though their mother who was hardhearted, and completely unpleasant spent her time yelling at the children. Around the time that Raven was five and Seth was twenty eight their parents had died in a fatal car crash. Raven hadn't really understood why their parents were dead. A while after her ninth her brother had moved her to Brooklyn where she attended elementary school, and part of middle school. During her thirteenth birth her brother revealed that he was a satyr and took her to the Demi-god academy, even though she protested it. Now the Demi-god academy has been her home for two years.

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Storm's Character: Raven Finch Empty Re: Storm's Character: Raven Finch

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