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Name:Jason Stroke
Age/Birthday:16 December 1
Country or Origin:Vallejo,California
Years at Camp:0
Mortal Family:Marie Stroke,step brother Peter Stroke.
God Parent:Chronos(God Of Time,not Titan)
Skills/Talents (min 2):is strong and plays guitar.He is very athletic and fast and goes past his limits.Great swordsman and tactician.
Powers - Must Relate to God Parent (min 2):can freeze time,something not all sons of Chronos can do,but he can only do it 3 times a month,after the third time,he passes out for a week.He can slow time down effortlessly and uses it to his advantage,but he has minor complications when doing so.He can also make certain things slow down and freeze,but not affect the things around that object,this makes him dizzy for a good 4 hours.Each of his powers he can only do for a good 5 minutes before tiring.
Flaws (min 2):His pride causes him to be cocky and he never backs down even when he knows he will loose.He demands respect even when he shouldn't get a little bit of it.
Weapons:A celestial bronze sword that is 3 feet long,but it changes size and shape according to his will.He also carries a scorpion husk that changes into armor that molds to his flesh and guards major organs,but leaves some unprotected.
Pets:A tiny white pet dragon that never gets bigger.named Tron
Physical Appearance (min 5 sentences):Jason is 5 foot 7 with a powerful body structure.His eyes are what seems to be pure white in the light,but they look more greyish at night.He has a tiny bit of acne on his face,which gives him a tiny bit of unaffection.He has black and red hair and black eyebrows.He always has a V neck on so that he can show the ladies a bit of skin.He wears skinny jeans wherever he goes,except the pool and beaches.He also has a deep voice.
Personality (min 5 sentences):His personality is that of a rebel.He dyed his hair black and red to piss off his mom,who he quiet likes,but he also likes making her mad.He is very protective and doesn't see what he gets himself into.He always shuns his brother,being that he was the Son Of Chronos,and his brother wasn't.He is judgmental and cunning and his eyes shift around like daggers.He hates it when people think he's the son of that crappy Titan of Time.
History (min 5 sentences):He grew up in Vallejo as a nice school boy who followed the rules all the time,no matter what.After age 12,he turned into a rebel and started getting detention and such.By the time he was 15,he started running out at night and doing whatever the hell he wanted.He found out he was a son of Chronos before his 16th birthday and he chose to find out about his powers.He started using time stops and such and his mom sent him off to Camp Half blood.He found a creepy man and the man gave him the scorpion and sword,which he doesn't tell anybody about.
Other Notes About Character:He is currently on his way to CHB.

Name:Christian Lord
Age/Birthday:17,December 22
Country or Origin:LA
Years at Camp:2
Mortal Family:Sally Lord
God Parent:Kronos
Skills/Talents (min 2):Can play the drums and is a great debater.Great leader and great swordsman.
Powers - Must Relate to God Parent (min 2):can stop time,4 times a month,passes out for 2 weeks after the fourth. Can slow down time and freeze certain people and objects.Gets fatigued by his powers so he mostly hides for a while to recover.
Flaws (min 2):Is too harsh and rude to some people.He has trust issues if you get on his bad side even once.He gets to know you as long as you don't piss him off.
Weapons:A scythe like his fathers that he can make burn you like its boiling,or simply just maim.He also uses his powers to his advantage,but they fatigue him easily.
Pets:a big wolf that follows him everywhere.
Physical Appearance (min 5 sentences):He is 6 foot 3 and has a major scowl that can curdle milk.He has muscles like mini baseballs on his body,giving him an eerie look to himself.He has pure white hair and red eyes that creep anyone out.He is always serious,unless you are a girl of course.His knuckles are spikes and can sure gut you easily.His smile isn't really a smile,it's more like someone plotting your death.He has acne on his forehead,not a lot,but not to little.
Personality (min 5 sentences):He is serious all the time unless he is talking to a girl.In that case,he looks like a happy normal kid,besides being a demititan.He loves fighting and always pisses off the guys around him,being dominant.He has issues talking to girls and trusting people. Nobody understands him,and he is always the outsider,because nobody wants to mess with a son of Kronos.He shuns those around him and he takes pride for himself,he also demands respect.He doesn't like being told what to do,if you do,he will bore down on you with his red eyes.
History (min 5 sentences):He grew up with his mom,who was always edgy around him for his red eyes that seem to scare everybody.His mom never told him anything about his dad,she just said he was a powerful man who nobody really had the courage to know.Christian used to run away,only to encounter more and more monsters that he had no clue what they were.He was clueless when it came to godly matters and never knew that the gods didn't like his father.His mother eventually kicked him out of the house when he reached age 16,so he had to live a life by himself.When he turned 17,a satyr found him,and he reluctantly followed the satyr to camp half blood,where he found a temple devoted to titans likes his dad,here he found out who he really was.
Other Notes About Character:He is a flirt at times.

Name:Final Masterson
Age/Birthday:18,may 5th
Country or Origin:Las Vegas
Years at Camp:4
Mortal Family:Lissa Masterson
God Parent:Oceanus
Skills/Talents (min 2):he is a great swordsman and uses Tridents too. Is a computer wiz.
Powers - Must Relate to God Parent (min 2):Can breathe under water like any other water child.Can use the water as something to propel him through the water.Can create waves and such. Can make a hurricane surround him for up to 20 minutes,but feels fatigued and can't use powers afterwards for a day.Can heal in the water and draws strength and speed from the water.Can basically form the water to his will.He also can turn into a smaller version of his dad,looking like a boy with red eyes,foot long horns on his head,and either green scales or merman.
Flaws (min 2):He has issues with his pride,he can't really make choices for himself.He has urges to kill in battle,as long as it is the other person.
Weapons:A celestial bronze sword that has blue paint on it. Has a knife in his pocket that turns into a 4 foot long trident with barbed tips that have edges that tug skin when pulled out.His scales also turn into armor,glances some blows,but lets most in unless blocked.
Pets:A pegasus that's black and is fast.
Physical Appearance (min 5 sentences):He is 6 foot 6 with muscles to back him up,he also walks around with foot long horns coming out of his head that curve at the tip.He has muscles on his arms and legs like steel and has pecs.He also always has his weapons on his belt loop so they are at his disposal.When in his other form,he turns 6 foot 8 and his horns become 2 feet long and his body becomes covered in scales.His trident comes out and also crackles with mysterious energy. He has red eyes and yellow gold hair in both forms.
Personality (min 5 sentences):He is mysterious and rarely talks. Final doesn't trust anybody as long as they show as a threat.He hates how he never gets to see his father because they think he's powerful.He is taller then most,so he loves the feeling of towering above people.He is a great leader and sometimes strikes fear into those that are more skiddish and weak.He is slightly afraid of meeting his father because he isn't sure whether he will like to see him or not.Final's smile,when he does smile,is something to take a picture of.Final gets shy around adults for some reason,even though there isn't a reason to be shy.He also has a lot of battle experience,seeing that he has been in a war.
History (min 5 sentences):Final grew up under water with Oceanus,who thought it was dangerous for him to be out alone.His dad taught him to be strong and gave him most of his skills and such.Oceanus taught him how to turn into his form and how to store energy.Final loved living with his dad,although he did have a feeling something was going to happen.He grew up to be 14 before he went to battle against Poseidon.Final was brought with him,striking down those around him.His father fought hand to hand against Poseidon and Poseidon swatted him,sending him miles upon miles away,where he was discovered by Chiron and brought to camp.There he grew up
Other Notes About Character:

Name:Artemis Lucius
Age/Birthday:18,December 25th
Country or Origin:Texas
Years at Camp:6
Mortal Family:Jessica Lucius
God Parent:Thor
Skills/Talents (min 2):Artemis is a great weapons smith and swordsman,but he likes to choose to fight with any hammer really.
Powers - Must Relate to God Parent (min 2):He can summon lightning to aid himself and can summon his weapon at any time.He has mighty strength and in his legs as well as his arms,letting him run faster than anything and jump really high.He can fly a little bit but only for 10 minutes at a time with a 30 minute break in between.He inherits Warriors Madness state like his dad,but he also will attack friends and foes alike.He has a lot reflexes and immunity to disease.He also has minor control over elements of a storm.
Flaws (min 2):He thinks he's better than anybody else.He thinks he's perfect and that nobody can stop him.
Weapons:A Hammer like his father's named Mo'nir. He also uses a 4 foot long axe that is strapped onto his back,and is light in his hands,and heavy in others.The axe also is double sided.
Pets:A golden Falcon named Resnir
Physical Appearance (min 5 sentences):Artemis is 6 foot 1 and has big muscles,not bulky,but just right.He has golden hair and silver eyes that shine in the sun and at night.He weighs 189 pounds but moves around like he doesn't.His face has a little bit of freckles,but it doesn't stop him. Most girls think that his features are wonderful and they like him a lot.
Personality (min 5 sentences):He is very arrogant and acts like he's a king.He is such a show off and is proud of being who he is.He demands respect and always gets it no matter who the person is.He has tons of friends but he doesn't act like they are friends.He is nicer to the kids of other gods that are major.
History (min 5 sentences):He grew up as a kid in Texas with his mom Jessica and Thor was there for 2 years of his life.Thor left when he was 3 and Artemis always thought he abandoned his family,so he never knew the truth.He went to a norse camp when he was 10 to learn more,and learned that his father was Thor.He set out to train and fight and become powerful.By the time he was 12 he had actually mastered most of Thor's attributes.He then made his way to Camp Half Blood and learned more there.
Other Notes About Character:Can he be cabin leader

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they look good

Artemis, Jason, Christian, and Final are

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Lord_Blazy's Figments Of His Imagination  Asian-young-guy-hairstyle-2010

Name: Ichigo Ragnar Sullivan

Age/Birthday:17, December 24th


God Parent: Son of Zeus

Claimed; Oh yes.

Mortal Family: Jessica Sullivan.

Years in Camp:2, this is his 3rd

Brief History:

Ages 1-4

Ichigo grew up with his sister Amanda, both children of Zeus, without a care in the world. But they both were, as said, Zeus blood. So they had to be hidden away, where they couldn't be found. When he was three, Ichigo caused a power out due to his rapid crying. But his mom simply blamed it on the electrician. But nobody REALLY knew that the kids were Demigods. Nobody knew, their mom knew. But they never found out. Of course, who would try to find out in the first place? When they turned four, they were sent off to different schools. Schools that you stayed at ALL YEAR LONG. Well, that's where Ichigo went. And so his story begins.

Ages 5-8

Ichigo went to some school, where there were no gates, the kids were nice, and for some reason, the people stayed away from him. They were nice to everybody else. But Ichigo was treated like an outcast, of course, he was the Son of Zeus, but again, who knew that? Not even him. When he was six, he made friends with another boy, asian, like him. Who seemed to walk funny, and protected him. Ichigo thought of him as an older brother. So he stayed with him. When he was eight, he completely was lovable and likeable by most, even some girls, (playaaa)and then reality hit him when things started to happen. Which he never paid attention to when until he was 12.
Ages 12-15

When Ichigo was 12, his teacher turned into a snake woman. Scaring him, and he screamed, causing the snake lady to become destroyed in a flurry of electricity. His brown eyes turned sky blue for a while and his brown hair went blonde. But only when mad. He thought it was a daydream so he didn't pay any attention to it. At age 13, his best friend had become skittish. Always being absent, kids began to bully Ichigo. Everyday, always asking him for his money and shoving him into walls. He put up with it until he was 15. When he promptly punched a kid square in the jaw, mind you, they were on a trip to the grand canyon. A group of kids shoved him, sending him toppling over the edge of the cliff. In anger, fear, and depression, Ichigo screamed, and his eyes and hair did as before, but this time, he slid to a stop and shot straight up, the air a slipstream made by him. When he landed, thunder rumbled and his best friend revealed himself to be a Satyr. Ichigo couldn’t handle it and ended up running away. He couldn’t stand the fact that every which way he went, monsters showed up. He eventually developed a certain battle personality. Where his features change and he acts differently. This second personality seemed to be on permanently and eventually led him to Camp Half Blood, where he has been for one year.
Physical Appearance:

Ichigo has curlish yet straight hair down to his shoulders, it's brown when he's calm, but he has a split fighting personality, and his hair turns a dirty blonde color. His eyes are a brownish black and also turn blue in his split personality. He is well built and has little to no blemishes. He is 6 foot 2 and has long fingers, as well as a long reach. He is around 160 pounds of pure muscle and energy. He is always wearing what seems to be wearing matallic jeans and a shirt lined with metal as well, to give him an 'electric' feel to it. He always seems to have a wind stirring around him, part of the Zeus thing. He has several scars along his arms and hands, from his time running away and time at camp. He is in great shape. And after spending some time around Zan, the cabin leader, he developed a style like hers. He can somewhat control his eye color. And it changes with the weather most of the time, but in battle, he prefers his other personality. He has the body of a marathon runner and due to his metal lined outfits, he has developed a sort of weightless feel to himself. He also has a tribal dragon tattoo going from his left shoulder, around his neck, and to his right pec , he got this when he was 15.


Ichigo is a bit of a head biter, meaning he will snap on you regardless of who you are, but at the same time, if you’re of importance, he won’t do it. When in his regular form, and not his split personality Ragnar. But that’s for another sentence. Ichigo doesn’t really rely on others to make him happy, and would rather supply entertainment for himself with his powers, which he has great control over. He is sympathetic to girls sometimes and is a flirt if he’s in the right mood. His temper, when flared, might cause Ragnar to show up or he will just destroy things. He doesn’t show anybody who he ACTUALLY is, only his sister Amand, who knows too much about him. He most of the time, has earbuds in and is blasting either Techno, Dubstep, or Eminem. The music changes his attitude, if he listens to Techno, he is rather bouncy and happy, and his fighting style turns more of a fluid, yet random flurry of attacks. When it’s dubstep, his attacks are well planned and constructed, the attacks are head on, and have power behind them. If it’s Eminem, his attacks are winged and used with experience, all light attacks that put on damage after a while. It makes his moves come out of nowhere. One second he’s one place, and another he is in your face, giving you little to no time to parry or block.

Fatal Flaw: He is too power hungry and he always seems set on a position higher than his, causing him to do things he wouldn’t normally do. He is also very destructive when angered.

Pet:A phoenix that is as big as him named Hrothgar. Who can spit flames every now and then. Hrothgar is very strong and fast. Can pick up some objects and/or people

Talents: He can absorb electricity from most sources of electricity, mostly outlets or batteries, like that game Infamous. But too much overloads him and he passes out for a week. He can use electricity to charge his arrows and his sword, making them SHOCKINGLY painful.He can also shift air currents. Gliding, but not flying. Making a wall of air sometimes. When in grave danger, he can use the air to shoot him off. He is skilled with a blade, and a bow. His arrows seem to have a charge in the tip that is able to be electrified. He can make shapes of electricity to be lobbed or shot at an enemy, most in the shape of balls of varying size.

Weapons: He has all of his weapons in the form of rings, each that have the name of the weapon on the front. One ring turns into a black and red bow, compact, but it pacts one hell of a punch. Another ring contains celestial bronze arrows. 30 of them, which he fetches when they are shot. The last one contains his best weapon, a modified desert eagle, which is modified to shoot balls of electricity, that only either explode on contact or zap his enemies, depending on the concentration of it, which he usually make small pellets with a higher concentration so that they are surprising. He also has a ring that transforms into a celestial bronze sword, 2 and a half feet long, painted gold and yellow. There are two lines on both sides of the blades, made to charge with electricity
Year-Round or Summer: Year Round
Other: He’s more of a ladiesman, also, most of his powers make him fatigued, and absorbing electricity keeps him from getting fatigued, or stops his fatigue.


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Name:Lelouch Xiang
God Parent:None
Claimed:Technically no
Mortal Family: Dad:John Xiang-Son of Phoebus. Mom:Ruth Xiang, Daughter of Nox. Descendant of Strenua, Goddess of Strength and vigor

Years in Camp:First Year
Rank: Probatio
Cohort: NA

Brief History

Ages 3-5: Lelouch grew up in Ireland,but still learned all about Roman things,Greek things, even English. YOU NAME IT. His Mom and Dad were very over protective of him, but little Lelouch didn't know a thing, nor did he have a care in the world at the moment,being an infant, who would? He soon came to be 4, and he was a 4 year old that most didn't like. Always throwing tantrums, none of which were pretty, being a baby, he was a piece of work. At age 5, he didn't know what to do, he had learned to speak,learned to walk. He had learned a lot of things. One of them being shadow stalking. He had been told by his parents that he had blood of the gods, and since then, his life took a hard turn.

Ages 6-8:At age 6, Lelouch went to school and became the school boy of Ireland. But he was still loved by most, but not all. He has been followed around school by some monsters, but he never knew they were monsters. Atleast, not until his teacher transformed into a gorgon. He didn't know what to do, so he did what he had been taught to do, punch it square in the face. The gorgon flew back and crumpled into dust. He didn't know how, he just knew that he needed to learn more from his mom. He then spent his 7th year of life pestering his mother.(trolling) At age 8 his mother finally caved in to his pesterings and told him of his bloodline, telling him that he had the blood of Phoebus,Nox, and Strenua. He never knew it but deep down, he was dangerous. But not TOO dangerous. He still has nightmares about the gorgon, and he never wants to kill something like that again. He tried his best to learn the ways of his parents. His dad gifted him with a metallic compact bow that is black. He also keeps a quiver on his back that is an endless void. He can pull arrow upon arrow. And he can pull whichever ones he wants. His mother on the other hand gave him 'shadow gloves' Black and purple gloves that let his hands move at a faster speed in shadows, like shadow traveling. On the other hand, he was blessed with strength and random adrenaline rushes from his ancestors of Strenua. He is rather big for his age, and keeps it coming.

Ages 9-12: When he was 9, Lelouch went to school like he normally did. But knowing his family, he didn't want to get into fights. Knowing that when angered, adrenaline would seep into him and the compact bow that is always in ring form, as well as the quiver, which is also in ring form on his right middle and ring finger would transform. And his rings on his left hand turned into gloves. Which he would gladly love to keep hidden. When he was 10, he made the mistake of helping a friend who was getting bullied, he tried to calm himself down, but due to his adrenaline, the Rage of Strenua filled him, he punched the boy square in the jaw, breaking it. The boy slammed into the brick wall on school grounds, breaking an arm. After that encounter, he had been able to unlock the Rage of Strenua at will. His parents called the school later that day, and told them that their son wouldn't be attending any more. when he was 12 (TIME SKIP) he had known a lot of his powers, but he didn't know how to exactly USE them. Right before his birthday, his mom had spent all night with him, as did his dad. But that was until the wolf's howl echoed throughout the house. Lupa and her pack had shown up outside. The boy, knowing his fate, left willingly, after saying goodbye to his parents.

Ages 13-16: While with the Wolfs, Lelouch picked up on some fighting styles from others. He learned Judo all from when he was 13. MMA from 14-15. And for his 16th year, he straightened up his street fighting. When he was 16, he was a lean, yet slim boy who looked innocent, but menacing. He had grown a lot, and was nowhere near the kid he was when he was 13. Hell, he wasn't even the same looking. He had grown accustomed to the wolves. Most of his fighting styles were based on the wolves.Until of course, Lupa sent him to Camp Jupiter. He arrived just when he reached 17 and has been quiet successful.

Physical Appearance: Lelouch is around 6 foot 5 and has fine features. His hair is perfectly cut into bangs(like a boss) and his eyes are purple. An odd color, but yes, purple. He always wears a black longsleeve shirt with a golden crest on the front. Along with his trade mark skinny slacks. He is actually quiet strong and is smooth with his movements and he can do a lot of physical activities(teehee) He has long fingers and a chiseled facial structure. He has bright white teeth and a long jagged scar down his back that nobody has every seen before. Nobody even knows about it either.

Personality: Lelouch is very friendly and being friendly usually leads to getting hurt. He has a hidden dark side that comes out when fighting. And results in him literally becoming shadows. He doesn't like to fight but will if he feels threatened or if he needs to help anybody. When he is sad, his figure twitches in and out of visible spectrum into the shadows. Plus, he also gets very depressed, when sad. He almost never does though. He however bottles things up. So if he suddenly snaps, he would have the Rage of Strenua. Which he suffers from

Fatal Flaw:He is too loyal to his friends, and some of his friends aren't even FRIENDS
Talents:Great fighter. He knows Judo,and Karate. And is quiet well with just his hands. He is good with bows and arrows, and he can bend into the shadows.

Weapons:A compact bow given to him by his father. He is really good with it. It has a quiver that is endless and it fills with the arrows he calls for. (WIll be listed below) Purple and black gloves that blend with shadows and when dark, they make him faster. And his arrows arre

o Sonic Arrows-Arrows that let out a horrifying high pitched squeal, that usually leaves person stunned.

o Explosive Arrows-Arrows that,upon contact,will blow up and leave a good sized crater

o Flame Arrows-Arrows that blast green fire, like that of greek fire, they almost never go out.

o Flash Arrows-Arrows that let off a flash of light from a set time or upon contact

o Split Arrows-Big arrows that when fired split into 5 separate ones.

o Gas Arrows-Arrows that spew 'nova gas' and will disoriente target.

o Barbed Arrows-Arrows that upon contact, explode a tiny charge,sending out tons of barbs that stick to what they hit

o Bouncing Arrows-Arrows that bounce everywhere and build up momentum until they connect.

o Harpoon Arrows-Arrows that after fired, trail a rope as well as growing prongs at the front, they are very accurate

o Shock Arrows-Arrows that upon contact let out electricity to stun opponent, they can also send charges through the ground

o Hydra Arrows-Big Arrows that when triggered, the tip will explode and coils pop out and lash onto anything, growing barbs and it also has footholds that come off too. Perfect for scaling walls.

All of his items and weapons are rings which are on his left and right hand

Other:He can put on quiet a lot of accents

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Ichigo and lelouch are approved

Lucius Marks: Kronos, 16 (Brown) Titan Temple
Khait: Geb, 19 (Red) (CL)
Zared: Centaur, 17 (Cyan)
Jovan Smith: Dionysus, 14 (Green) (CL)
Nico di Angelo: Hades, 14 (Olive) (CL)
Jonas Haens: Nyx, 15 (Indigo) Titan Temple
Devlin O'Brien: Hephaestus-Apollo, 15 (Orange)
Chandler Hold: Nyx, 17 (Blue) (CL)
Mitchel Harlan: Ares, 16 (Yellow) (CL)
Adele Hammond: Aphrodite, 25 (Violet) (CL)
Louis Connors: Satyr, 15 (White)
Tobias Clark: Asclepius, 14 (Dark Blue) (CL)
Falcon King: Apollo, 13 (Dark Red) Courtyard
Daxon Johns: Zeus, 16 (Bold Green) New York

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