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It was dark outside, and there was no one to be found all over the grounds. Then someone stepped out of the shadows of the courtyard, and hurried towards the forest. He walked along the path that lead through the trees, and went deep into the woods. He came to a clearing and stopped, he looked around to make sure he hadn’t been followed. A voice came out of the darkness, crisp and clear, but only audible in the clearing.
“Lucius, I am ready to start gathering my armies. My mission for you is to go to the temple and take the golden clock chain that is hidden there, and bring it to me.” The voice faded, and again all was silent. Lucius moved quickly, heading back towards the camp. He made his way up the hill, and entered the temple. He knew his business, and quickly set to it. He made his way down a long hallway and stopped in front of a statue of Kronos. He knelt down in reverence, and lit the incense plate and let it burn. After a while, the statue shifted, and the wall opened up. Lucius stood up and walked through, into the darkness beyond the hole. The tunnel was long and narrow, he walked along, tripping on the occasional hidden rock. There was a faint light glowing at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel opened up and Lucius entered a large cavern. All along the wall of the cave were flames that cast a flickering light onto the floor. At the far end of the cave stood a wooden table with a golden box, this is where the chain was hidden. Lucius looked around to see if there was guardian, when he saw nothing he made his way towards the table. He lifted the lid off and inside was a pure gold watch chain. He gently took it out and looked at it in awe. He then put it in a pouch and stowed it away in his pocket. Lucius heard something enter the cave behind him. He turned around and towering over him was an automaton dragon, three giant heads all focused on him. Without taking his eyes off the beast, Lucius drew his sword, a three foot, pure silver blade, and activated his shield hidden in the wrist band on his arm. The dragon was blocking the tunnel that lead back the way Lucius had come in. He looked around and saw another tunnel that hadn’t been there before. Just then all the flames went out and the cave was plunged into an unnatural darkness. Lucius knew right away who had joined him, and he was grateful. The darkness let up and Lucius could see that the dragon had been deactivated and was now frozen in time. The boy standing there had a look of triumph on his face.
“Jonas Hanes, you won’t hear me say this often, but I am glad to see you.” Lucius said as the boy walked up to him. Lucius sheathed his sword and deactivated his shield. Jonas laughed and nodded his head in approval.
“Likewise, but you best be getting out of here before the other guardians are alerted. I’ll be able to get out easy, but you won’t be so lucky if they catch you with the goods.” Jonas warned him. Lucius quickly made his way out of the cave, through the tunnel Jonas had made, and he came out in the middle of the forest. Jonas had not followed him, so he was again alone. Lucius walked silently through the forest towards the camp border, and closer to fulfilling his duty.

Lucius made his way through the forest, keeping an eye out for monsters, guardians, and campers. As he reached the borderline he heard voices up ahead, two girls were arguing with each other. He waited in the shadows and listened to what they were saying.
“I’m telling you, the boy will come tonight. This is the night when he will leave camp.” One of the girls said.
“When is he coming? We have been waiting for hours. What if someone finds us here? What happens to us then?” questioned the other girl.
“You’re the witch, I’m sure you could think of something that would protect us.” Retorted the first girl. The second girl had just started to say something, when the other girl interrupted her.
“Shh, he is here, the time has come.” Lucius didn’t have much time to think before a glowing light appeared, casting light in the shadows he was hiding. He drew his swords, as did both of the girls.
“Who are you, and what are you doing here?” He asked them.
“We are waiting for you, we want to join you.” Replied the girl.
“How do you know about me, and what I plan on doing?” Lucius continued to question the girl.
“I had a vision about you, sent to me by my grandfather. I’m a legacy of Apollo and Kronos. We have been waiting for you all night.” She explained calmly.
“How do I know that I can trust you?” Lucius questioned further.
The girl pushed up her sleeve, revealing a tattoo. Lucius nodded, and then sheathed his swords. The tattoo was a sign of loyalty to Kronos. Only those who have sworn an oath of fidelity receive them.
“My name is Maya, and this is Kira, daughter of Circe.” Maya said, introducing themselves.
“Well, let’s get going, before someone finds us here.” Lucius said shortly. He continued through the trees, without waiting for the girls. They looked at each other, and made their way after Lucius.
“So, where exactly are we planning on going? Where are Kronos’s headquarters located?” Maya asked as she walked.
“We are going to Alaska, to find the Titan temple. That is where that headquarters are going to be, as soon as we get there.” Lucius explained, somewhat annoyed at the question. They walked in silence for several miles, Lucius leading the way. He stopped suddenly, and Kira ran into him. Lucius gave Kira a glare and pointed to the hill in front of them. At the top of the hill stood a very large creatures. Lucius could make out the figure of a minotaur. Kira looked at Lucius and whispered.
“I thought the Minotaur was on the side of Kronos.” Lucius didn’t take his eyes off of the creature.
“This is not Asterion, so it seems that the minotaurs have split. I doubt he is alone, stay put and let them come to us, and we have the cover of the trees.” He ordered. They watched and waited, and sure enough, Lucius was right, there were three minotaurs and five hellhounds making their way down the hill, towards the forest. Maya appeared beside Lucius, with a bow in hand, and an arrow notched. Lucius looked confused and Maya scoffed.
“Legacy of Apollo, remember.” She whispered. Lucius waited for a few seconds and then nodded to Maya. She let the arrow fly, and watched as it pierced the heart of the smallest hellhound. The beast yelped, fell down, and then vanished in a flame. Maya already had another arrow ready and this time, she took down the largest minotaur. By the time the group was close enough to attack, two more hellhounds had been shot down by Maya. Lucius had his sword drawn, and charged, attacking the large minotaur. He dive rolled, avoiding the double headed axe, he rolled to his feet, standing behind the creature. Lucius held his sword with both hands, and jabbed it deep into the back of the minotaur. It bellowed in pain, fell to its knees and collapsed, vanishing into a cloud of dust. Lucius grabbed his sword and turned to face an oncoming hellhound. He side stepped, and the beast ran right by him. Lucius swing his sword, slicing the hellhound in the side. The beast yelped, and turned around. Lucius didn’t have time to think before it leaped towards him. Instinctively, he pulled his sword up, Lucius was knocked to the ground as the hellhound landed on him. His sword sank deep into the heart of the beast, killing it instantly. Flames sprung up, consuming the creature, and vanished. Lucius lay on the ground, flames had burned his arms and face. Kira and Maya appeared over him. Maya was taking a canteen of what he assumed was nectar. Kira knelt down beside him, and put her hands on the burns. Lucius was about to yell at her, when he felt a cool sensation flow through his body. He watched as the burns healed and then disappeared. Maya handed him the canteen and he took a sip, his energy returned and the pain went away. Slowly he stood up and looked around, all the creatures had been killed and three large double headed axes lay in a pile close by. Lucius walked over to the weapons, and looked at them. One of them had a large crack in the blade, but the other two were still in good condition. Kira came up beside him, and touched each one of the axes. They turned into harmless butter knives, Kira picked them and handed them to Lucius, who proceeded to put them in his travel pack.
“You know, I think I might be able to teleport the three of us to Alaska.” Kira said, breaking the silence.
“You could have said something earlier.” Lucius replied. “How far do you think could get us?” He asked.
“Probably right to the Alaskan border.” Kira answered.
“That would help a lot.” Lucius replied. Kira grabbed Maya and Lucius by the hand, and teleported them all to Alaska.
Kira looked around when they arrived, she tried to remember this place. They were on top of a snow covered hill and at the bottom was an old house that looked like it had been abandoned. She led them down the hill towards the house, something in the atmosphere seemed wrong to Kira.
“What is this place?” Lucius asked quietly.
“This isn’t Alaska.” Kira replied. “I came here with my mom when I was 5, and for three years this was my home. It was my grandmother’s house, the three of us lived together.” She continued. They walked through the front door which was hanging on its hinges. They could tell something was wrong, the whole front entrance had been destroyed, and the walls were charred. Some kind of explosion had gone off in the kitchen and the flames had licked everything black. Lucius was apprehensive about stopping at the house, something felt very badly about the whole place.
“I don’t think we should stay here, we need to keep moving on.” Lucius stated, heading back to the entrance.
“We were brought here for a reason, there must be something hidden here.” Kira replied. “I have to find it first.” She continued.
They had hardly walked fifty feet when the explosion happened. They turned around and saw the house had gone up in flames, it had been completely consumed by the fire. The three of them walked a few more miles before stopping to make camp for the night. Lucius prepared a fire and began to cook the food he had packed, while Kira and Maya were exploring the area. Lucius sat by the fire, watching over their dinner. He watched the girls over by the forest, with whatever it was they were doing. Just then an arrow flew right by him and landed in the fire. Lucius jumped up and instantly grabbed his sword, while slowing down time. He looked in the direction the arrow came from and saw a centaur standing there. Kira and Maya sensed something was going on and stopped what they were doing. They noticed a herd of centaurs standing in the distance, Maya drew her bow and Kira pulled out her elemental staff.

Lucius Marks: Kronos, 16 (Brown) Titan Temple
Khait: Geb, 19 (Red) (CL)
Zared: Centaur, 17 (Cyan)
Jovan Smith: Dionysus, 14 (Green) (CL)
Nico di Angelo: Hades, 14 (Olive) (CL)
Jonas Haens: Nyx, 15 (Indigo) Titan Temple
Devlin O'Brien: Hephaestus-Apollo, 15 (Orange)
Chandler Hold: Nyx, 17 (Blue) (CL)
Mitchel Harlan: Ares, 16 (Yellow) (CL)
Adele Hammond: Aphrodite, 25 (Violet) (CL)
Louis Connors: Satyr, 15 (White)
Tobias Clark: Asclepius, 14 (Dark Blue) (CL)
Falcon King: Apollo, 13 (Dark Red) Courtyard
Daxon Johns: Zeus, 16 (Bold Green) New York

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