The Story of the Night

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The Story of the Night

Post by SilverDagger on Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:39 pm

The Story Of
The Night
chapter one

The scream that pierced through the air was ear-defening and heart-breaking as the rain poured down on the fragile figure of a white-haired, blue-eyed, thirteen-year-old girl. She was running through mud on her bare feet because her shoes were ripped of her possession when she escaped the prison she was being kept in. Stained with blood, the girl's once-pure hair was matted and apparently out of place. The young teen let out a loud cry as she fell to the ground as a result of her foot coming in contact with a shard of glass hidden in a puddle of mud. Her blue eyes were clouded with terror as she turned her head, to see if her pursuer was nearing. Blood-stained hair came in conact with mud, and her foot felt as though needles were being stabbed into it repeatingly, as the young girl realized he was but a few meters away.

She scrambled helplessly to get to her feet, but the rain, the sticky dirt, and the fear caused her efforts to be in vain. The ground shook as whatever was chasing her was nearing. The girl parted her lips in an attempt to call out for help, despite the fact she knew none would come, but no sound came from her throat, only a tone-deaf, rugged wail. In the midst of a clearing of a forest where she knew not the location of, the majority of her hopes were destined to be crushed. Her hopes entirely suddenly disappeared entirely, however, as her pursuer blocked her path.

Tears streamed down her face, knowing that her demise was nearing one way or another, but she made no other indication that she was upset or terrified to the monster. Yes, it was a monster who she was trying to escape from. Though hidden in a massive cloak the single red eye, that was placed right in the center of where his head, the monster reached down to the girl who lay in the mud. A large, muscled hand grabbed a fistful of her once-white hair, but the girl made no sound other than the grunt of pain that escaped her throat as she was lifted five feet into the airbrv. Her cerulean blue eyes hid from the world as her eyelids closed tightly, afraid of the sights she would see if she were to face that monster. Despite her efforets of ignoring everything around her, the girl felt the skin-crawling stare boring into her.

"Little White Hair is trying to run, hmm?" The voice that came from the monster bouth smelled and sounded awful. It was almost as though a goat was dying its most painful death in a sewer. The thirteen-year-old's nose scrunched up in distaste despite her current situation. "Is Snow White going to do that again?" he asked mencaingly, but a thought entered her mind. Suddenly, she did something she never really gave a second thought about. WIth her last bit of enegy, she kicked him in the eye and spit at him in her last attempt of struggle. Luckily she was successful, kicking right in his pupil, causing his to rawr in pain and drop her from five feet in the air. Falling onto the ground with a grunt and hearing the monster scream in pain at the same time is not fun.

As the monster recoiled, the girl found her eyesight blurring up and have bright white spots in her vision; however, the sound of footstepscame running towards her. The girl's heart pounded in fear that the cyclops had friends to back him up. "Why you-" The cyclops began stomping towards her, but then different voiced reached her ears.
"Back away from her, you monster!"

Suddenly a ray of hope shined in the girl's mind. Finally, this voice wasn't a scream of agony, nor was it an awful sound to her ears. It was a human's voice, that of a boy's. He sounded just about her age with a soothing medium-pitched voice. More footsteps came, and as far as the girl could tell, they were footsteps of teenagers like herself. The sound of something whizzing through the air then more cries of pain from the cyclops was easily heard. That was when her eyesight turned black entirely, and the sounds around her just seemed to fade.

Suddenly, the girl felt someone cradling her head and some sort of liquid running down her throat. The first thought that came into her mind was that it was just water, but as her tastebuds began to work, the thirteen-year-old realized it tasted like chocolate. The chocolate that was mixed with milk that her father figure made her during her birthday. It was even massively warm. Her eyelids fluttered open revealing her deep blue eyes.

Immediately, she was met with four pairs of eyes belonging to four boys staring down at her. Taking a moment to focus on them, she wondered who they were, but suddenly realized thst they were all about her age. "Who-" she began to croak, but then one of the boys beat her to speaking.

"What's your name?" he asked quickly.

Immediately, one of the other boys glared at him, slapping him upside the head. "Keldon! Let's get her to camp first; she needs to rest," he said sharply. "I'll carry her; Ciel, get the ready to shadow-travel us back." Just as they were about to start bustling around, the girl, however, still raised her hand to touch the arm of the one who spoke most recently. As she shook her head, the white-haired girl sucked in a deep breath almost as though gathering her strength just to say her name. Her voice was rugged, hoarse, and just barely audible. Luckily it was just audible enough to be heard by them.



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