The Path of The Demigods(Non-Percy Jackson)

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The Path of The Demigods(Non-Percy Jackson)

Post by legolosarrow0726 on Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:09 pm

Chapter One:

I marched across the battle feild with my sword drawn, the enemy could still be out and about. There seemed to be nothing. Bullet holes and burns scarred the once beautiful ground. All this could have been averted if the world of gods and men had not once again become intertwined. Then again, I'm not one to be complaining. I wouldn't be here if it wouldn't be for that.
I spotted a man hauling somone along. They both had standared army gear. They could be freindlys. I approached them quitely, trying to see what they were doing. The guy was brining his partner along saying "C'mon...More than one of the battalion has to survive...Stay with me..."
He didn't seem hostile. The again, you couldn't trust any one in this war.I fingerd my pistol. I approached him. "Excuse me sir..." I began, but I became deadly silent when he pointed a sub machine gun at my chest.
"What do you want? You a monster?" He asked, with a cold look on his scarred face. It didn't take a genius to know he'd been through alot.
"I'm a freindly, sir. Corpral Alex Thandoran of the Demigod Project. Im a child of Zeus."
The man slowly lowerd his gun, and extended his hand. "Jason Temo. One of the last survivors of the fifty seventh battalion. Good to see a Demigod out here. They don't deploy you much. It's an honor, sir."
I shook his hand, saying "Thank you corpral. the Demigods are proud to serve. What happened to your battalion?"
"A good number of them died in the fire fight. There were a bunch of Hydras and Hellhounds. Nothin' we didn't expect but then the Minotaur showed up. He killed off most of us. When there was a sixth of us left. All of our remaning boys, cept' me, came out with this bomb. They blew it up, sent the b*tches back to the pit where they come from. They didn't realize how large the blast radius was though. They all died in the blast, and this fella just barley got out."
I nodded. They must have been good men, sacraficing themselves like that. "Any survivors on thier side? They could still be lurking..."


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