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Post by Theseus12 on Tue Feb 28, 2012 8:03 pm


Who ordained it to be
To let Trouble strike at me?
I never mean it to be so
But Forever I am causing Woe.
With Each Tiny step I take
I cause my World an Earthquake.
I'm made to feel quite horrible
as though I've done a thing Abom'nible.
And Whilst I try To make Things Well
I feel put through The Bowels of Hell.
It could just be my Conscience,
But my Soul's Pains are Raucous
If it weren't Human Frailty,
I'd see Trouble's an Evil Deity.
Never hast it given me
A respite from my life's Misery.
Though I try ways to escape
it seems I just Delay the Hate.
and while my escapes release
unto me a sense of Peace,
I truly Wish that I did know
A Peaceful Way to end my Woe.


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