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Story Teaser!~War Path

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~-~-War Path(teaser)~-~-
“Seven of them…No problem…” I thought. I was being guided through the cramped hallway of a small space ship, escorted by seven guards. I was supposed to steal the ship. My cover was being a prisoner. They guided me through the twisting and turning hallways, until I saw a bathroom. From behind my gag, I asked, “Can I go to the bathroom?” but it came out as “Cun I go to te batwoom?” The guards looked at me for a second, looked me up and down, and then one of them shrugged. “Sure, why not. You two, escort him.” He pointed to two other guards. We walked into the bathroom, and one of the guards locked the door behind me saying “Don’t even try getting out.” What an idiot. I walked over to the urinal. One of them was poking me with his gun, telling me to hurry up, while the other one sat by the sinks, bored. Perfect. I spun around, grabbed the neck of the guard behind me, and twirled him towards his partner. They simultaneously shot and killed each other. Idiots. I went down on one knee and used my bound hands to pull a knife out of one of the guard’s sheathes, and easily unbound and ungagged myself. I grabbed one of the guns, some ammo, and a knife. Now, how to escape? The other guards were trying to get in, and a locked door wasn’t going to hold for long… If only I could…The door flew open, and in marched the other five guards all pointing their guns at me. “Fi..” Just as one was about to give the order to shoot, in one fluid motion I pulled a knife from the body of one of the dead guards and tossed it, and it found its mark in the commander’s head. They started shooting as I barrel-rolled and found cover behind a stall. I looked around frantically for a way out. Nothing. Damn it. I fingered the trigger of my gun. I could go out fighting… Then I had an idea. I slipped the gun into my sleeve and came out with my hands up. One of them grinned and said to two of the guards, “you two; get him back into his bonds. I’ll tell the captain we’ve captured him.” I was astounded by the fact that they didn’t notice the brick of an assault rifle up my sleeve as the two guards supposed to bind me made their way towards me. I grinned as I dropped kicked both of the guards coming towards me, while I slipped my assault rifle from my sleeve and quickly planted dozens of bullets into the two guards in front of me. I shot one of the guards on the floor next to me. As the other guard beside me, dazed, got to his feet, I slammed the butt of my gun into his face, and finished him by quickly twisting his head in such a way that it snapped his neck. I had a feeling that would be all for the next minute or two. I’m pretty sure my employers dropped me off here as a low level prisoner. I took all the guards’ guns -shotguns, assault rifles, guns galore, along with a few knives. I pulled the armor off one of the guards, and donned it in a stall. I poked outside the bathroom. It was quiet, too quiet. “Alan, have you got the prisoner?” I heard a voice in my helmet. I pressed a button on the side of the helmet, I said, “Prisoner has been killed.” “Excellent. Alan, why do you sound different than usual?” “Just a cold.” I walked towards the end of the hallway. It had a fingerprint scanner and a thick door. Fantastic. I walked up to the scanner and looked closely at it. This armor had no hacking tech, and I was pretty sure if I shot it, something would come out of the ceiling and shoot me. I considered taking a dead body from the bathroom and using its finger print, but there was always the possibility that someone would see me carrying it…Just then, I spotted a wall-mounted camera. Great. I leapt up at it, and barely caught it. Now dangling from the camera, I ripped off part of its casing, and felt around inside of it for something to hack the fingerprint scanner with. As my hand closed around something that could probably help me hack the device, the door opened and two guards stepped out. One of them said “Alan, what the hell are you doing?” I dropped from the camera, and, taking them by surprise, I swept their legs out from under them, and delivered bullets to their faces. So much for stealth. I ran inside the door, and I was now in another hallway. I headed straight for the room called ‘Navigation Center’. Once I got in, I was greeted by five guards, who all had their guns pointed at me, and a large, brown beast. It was humanoid, but it had menacing claws and unnaturally long teeth. “Dylan…” It growled. “It’s been a while.” As I started to try to remember who-or what- this thing was, the guards opened fire on me. I leapt outside of the room, and crouched just outside the door way. One of them came out. Fool. I grabbed him, and pulled him closer to me, as I pulled my knife. It went straight through the glass of the helmet, and killed him. I ripped his shotgun out of his dead hands, and took his knife. I blindly chucked it into the room, and heard a non-human cry of pain. The beast barreled out of the room, enraged and with a knife in its ribs. I quickly loaded the shotgun, and aimed for the beast’s chest. As I was about to fire, I was violently knocked backwards. “Ugh…” I groaned. I staggered to my feet, and noted the large chunk of metal that was about an inch into my shoulder. I pulled a pistol from my belt and started shooting at the thing. It easily dodged the shots. After a few more bullets, I was out of ammo. I chucked the gun at the beast, which side-stepped, and caught a surprised guard, who was checking on the monster, in the face. I balanced my assault rifle on my hip and open fired at the beast that slowly approached me. The beast maneuvered around, easily dogging the bullets. I fired a fired, and it just kept dodging. “Aww screw.” I said, and I dropped the gun, and ignoring the intense pain in my shoulder, I charged and pulled a knife. The creature picked me up as it let out a ghoulish laugh. I stabbed my knife into its cheek, and it hissed and recoiled, while dropping me. I picked up my dropped shotgun, and shot it multiple times in the chest. It swayed, groaning, and then dropped. I walked over, and experimentally poked it with the tip of my shotgun. Nothing. I pulled my knife from its cheek, and, for good measure, I shot it in the head a few extra times. I grinned, and then winced in pain. The metal was still in my shoulder, and the rush of adrenaline needed to kill that thing was gone. This was going to be a problem. I pulled a pistol from my belt. Thank the gods that these guards carried this many guns. In my strong arm, I carried my knife. I walked into the room that had three guards left. I stabbed the nearest one in the stomach, and shot the other two. I pulled my knife from the first one, and then delivered a bullet to his face. I walked over to the navigation computer, and looked up where the control center of the ship was. I walked out into the hall, and began walking towards it. Hopefully no more distractions. It was easy getting to the Control Center. Not so much gaining control of it. Once I opened the door, I was greeted by two guards armed with machine guns, a green, armored humanoid with a hammer and a sword for hands, and three robots with machine guns. “Variety. I like that”. I said as I pulled my shotgun. The hammer-sword guy charged, and the guards and robots opened fire. I was beginning to realize all my fights were going the same way today. One enraged beast thing, and lots of people shooting at me. I ran closer to the beast, and just as I was about to slam into it, I slid under it, plugged my knife into his junk, and shot a guard. In the monster’s rage, it swung around and cleanly took the top off of a surprised robot. I loaded my shotgun again, and rolled back out into the hall. I shot the thing, and it didn’t even flinch as the bullet bounced off its armor. Damn. As the beast charged at me, I took a knife in either hand, and stood right in the beast’s path. I leapt up, and the beast ran under me. I landed on it’s head. I stabbed my knives into a kink in the armor, near the monster’s upper back, and while the guards agitated it by shooting it, when trying to get me. I pulled out my knives, and the creature bucked me off, and I was hurtling towards the guards. I bullets were destroying my armor, it was a miricale that I wasn’t hit yet. I crashed into the floor, but not before I chucked my knives into the face of the one remaining guard. Now I had two robots and one pissed beast to deal with. My odds were getting better by the minute. As I was about to yell ‘CHARGE!’ run towards the monster and shoot it in the junk again, I heard another voice. “Dylan?” My employers checking on me. “Great time to talk..” I grumbled under my breath, as I whipped around and shot the heads of the two remaining robots, and, knowing the monster was probably going to be charging, I back flipped. Turns out, the monster was learning my fighting style. It’s hammer hand slammed into my side, and sent me flying to the nearest wall. I grunted and slowly rose to my feet. Broken ribs? Check. “What is it boss?” I grumbled into my helmet. “Good thing me managed to reach you. If we hadn’t found what communication channel you were on, you were probably going to die.” “Like I’m not going to die now…” I shot my shotgun at the least remaining robot, and dropped my shotguns, adopting the robots machine gun. “May I ask how you can see me?” I asked. “We placed a tracking bug on you when you started the job. The bug hacked the armor, we see what you see now. Anyways, that’s what we call an Alorgion War Beast. Very nasty things.” I was about to say, “Alo-what now?” But I had to dodge an arm sword. As I rolled under the blade, I cried out in pain, my broken ribs were poking at my lungs. I coughed as I shot rapid fire at the monster’s junk. “Nice to know…” I staggerd over to the control panel of the ship, I slammed the butt of my gun into the control panel. I pulled out a small fuse box. This should do. I spat on it, and chucked it. Bull’s eye. It hit the monster in the face, and because of my saliva, it exploded. I collapsed, and said “Can you send help please?”

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