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Chapter 1:

"Move it Spartans."I heard Chiron telling us. Me, my bro Zidane,and some girl called LuLu.Two children of Ares, one child of Hades.There was a war going on. Horrible things began to happen when the prophecy of nine was failed. Even to the mortals. The mist dissapered, and war began. There were many sides. Half-Bloods, or Demi-Somthings, along side them being Sytars, Nymphs, centaurs and such, as well as the gods. There were also the Primordals and Titans. We also had the monsters to deal with. On top of that, mortals, who had figured out the trick of celestial bronze,and regaured us all as a threat. There was also this weird disease...Zombies, yes Zombies, were a side in this battle too.There were also the Ghouls, who had managed to get out of the underworld.The half-bloods had decided to call the higher-ranked troops Spartans,due to the anchient greek solidgers.

We were moving into enemy territory. It was supposedly an infected zone, full of Demi-Zombies, Half-Bloods who had turned,Zomsters, zombified monsters, as well as mortal zombies. With shotguns and swords and arrows, with friendly choppers above us, we were ready.

"Deploy Spartans." Chrion said, as he galloped off. He obviously had buisness elsewhere. I guess I was leader of this mission now.I turned to my team.I survery the area. About a hundred of them,at least out in the open. there were dozens of buildings surronding them, pretty tall buildings i might add.I turned to my team."LuLu,"I said,"We need a distraction.I need you to Shadow travel to the other side of them. get thier attention,and Zidane and I will pick as many of them off as we can." She nodded and did so.I turned to Zidane."Ready bro?"Zidane nodded in reply"Never been more ready bro."We pulled our shotguns from our backs, and started running for em'.We fired off alot of shots before they noticed us.They lost interest in LuLu, and started coming at us. I kept firing. Zidane pulled out his blade and was shooting his shotgun from his hip. They were dropping, one by one."GAH!"I heard a scream, and turned to see LuLu getting a bite getting taken out of her by a zombie.A silent tear rolled down my cheek as I shot the zombie that got LuLu,and yelled "Zidane! Make for the buildings!"I began hip-shooting, while holding my blade in my hand,and we hacked and shot our way to the nearest building.We barged in and thunderd up the steps. We very quickly ran out of steps,and were at the top of the building.I noted a few barrels of gas. Good.Damn Zombies were pretty darn quick climbers, there were already five of them apossing us."I'll call for a chopper."Zidane said,as he threw an explosive barrel off the roof, he shot it as gravity pulled it down, causing an explosion."Grrr..." I heard as I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. On my left side, a Zombie was trying to take a bite out of my neck.It was LuLu.I stabbed my blade into her forehead,just as the chopper arrived. I pulled my blade out of LuLu's skull,with tears rolling down my face, and made my way towards the chopper. Zidane smiled to me from inside the chopper, he waved, and then the whole building shook,and the chopper did a tailspin away from the building. I looked down to the ground to see a tank, that had blasted one of the structuaral supports of the building. It was going down.I breathed in. I was probably going to die.I ran towards the edge, and jumped. my arms flailed as I fell, and I felt somone catch me. It was Mitchel Harlan, another child of Ares,but he was deaf. He pulled me up into the plane and asked "LuLu?"I shook my head as we rode back to camp half-blood.

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