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It was a dark night; the streets were empty and all the house lights were off. There was an occasionial dog barking, but otherwise, it was silent. A house light was flicked on and a door opened. Jovan Smith grabbed his jacket and stepped outside. He turned off the light, and closed the door behind him. Jovan was 14 years old, he had jet black hair, and startling grey eyes. He was small and skinny yet handsome. Jovan took off down the street, he ran towards the park where he always hung out when these things happened. Jovan entered the park and sat down on a bench. His eyes filled with tears, and he began to cry. It wasnt long, but he had stopped crying, when he heard footsteps behind him.
"Young man, what are you doing out here so late?" a voice inquired. Jovan turned and saw a police officer standing there.
"I...I" he stammered, His brain was woking fast to find a solution. He looked around and noticed a large forest closeby, he could make a run for it. The officer caught on and replied.
"If you run, I cant help you. But if you come with me now, I can make sure you are safe."
Jovan knew better than to trust him, he didnt trust any adults anymore. He ran towards the safety of the forest. He dared a glance behind him and saw that the officer hadnt moved. Jovan kept running through the forest towards the other end of the park. Thorns and branches scratched his arms and face, but he didnt seem to notice. He left the forest and collapsed onto another bench. He was exhausted, scared and now severely scratched. Jovan layed down and was soon sleeping.

It was just beginning to lighten up when Jovan awoke. For several minutes he didnt move, while he processed last nights events in his mind. The dinner conversation, the incident, and the cops warning. How he wished he could trust someone, how he wished he could tell someone, how he wished his step father hadnt made his life a living hell. Jovan stood up and made his way out of the park. He wandered aimlessly up and down streets. He passed many people, but no one paid him any attention. He didnt mind that though, at least he wouldnt have to explain himself to anyone. Jovan found himself in front of the school.
"Great, now I have to go to class." He said quietly. He made his way through the crowded hallway, and entere the classroom, English class. Mrs. Davis looked up and acknowledged him.
"Mr. Smith, how nice of you to join us." She said. 'Mr, Miss' she was always formal, Jovan liked that about her. Somehow it made him feel more important. He mumbled and apology, and then took a seat at his desk. He pulled out his notebook, and started writing. He was working on a little short story he had begun a few months ago. He loved writing, it was a way he could express himself with out having to actually talk to anyone. He had gotten so absorbed in his writting, that he didnt hear the bell ring. It was his fellow student, John Davis, who called to him.
"Hey, Jovan, that was the bell. its lunch time now."
Jovan startled at his voice. He realized what was going on, and began packing up.He noticed that John was still standing there, waiting for him at the doorway. John was always nice to everyone, even Jovan. He liked that, John was just like his mother.
"No, John, go ahead. Jovan replied. He wasnt in the mood to talk to anyone today. Jovan rushed out, he forgot to grab his writing binder. Jovan left the school and headed home for lunch. Heard his mother banging around the house the moment he entered the house.The door slammed shut before he could stop it.
"Jovan, is that you?" she called out.
"Ya, mom, its me."
His mother came around the corner, and he winced at the sight of her. He hated seeing his mother this way. She had a beer bottle in her right hand, and a cigarette in her left hand.
"he isnt home is he?" Jovan asked, his mother shook her head. Jovan threw his coat on the bench and entered the kitchen. He grabbed a piece of bread, and sat down to eat. Julie, his mother came in, and also took a seat. Where had she gotten the booze from, he remembered dumping it all out last night. Once he had finished, he cleaned off the table.
"Im going out with Gery now, you can find some food in the fridge for supper. Be sure to lock up when you leave." She announced as she walked out the doorway. Gery, he was a monster, Jovan never understood why she was going out with him. Did she not know what Gery did to him, how he treated him. Jovan scoured the house, and collected all the booze bottles. He emptied the full ones into the sink, and threw them into the trash. Jovan tied the bag and brought it outside, he threw it into one of the garbage bins in front of his house. He then headed back into the house, and into his room. He layed down on his bed, and started to cry. He cried himself to sleep, something he had been doing a lot lately.

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